Pro 4 Front Hub - Boost

Shares the same benchmark quality as our standard Pro 4 front hub but...


Limited Edition DYEDBRO frame protection

We have teamed up with local artist and MTB slayer Scott Burnett to...

DT Swiss

350 Front Hub

Whoever is looking for the most affordable high performance hubs...


Pro 4 Boost Rear Hub

Incredibly versatile and easily serviceable hub with a proven reputat...


Highlander Frame

Conceived and tested in Scotland, this frame is designed to be built...

Rock Shox

Lyrik Ultimate 2021

Rock Shox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 2.1 RC2

Rock Shox

Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil

Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil shock including spring. Purchase here and...



Think of it as a front tyre first. The Michelin DH22 tyre is the most...

Industry Nine

Hydra Classic Front Hub Purple

Beautifully made lightweight hubs available in either 28 or 32 spoke...


Wild Enduro Gum-X Tyre

Wild Enduro Front Gum-X Take your rides wherever you want with your...

OneUp Components

carbon Handlebar

ONEUP CARBON BARS. Strong, lightweight & vertically compliant. The...



Think of it as a rear tyre. The DH34 is a tough, grippy, tubeless-re...

OneUp Components


ONEUP EDC (EVERYDAY CARRY) TOOL SYSTEM All the trailside tools you...

OneUp Components


Joining our all new Carbon Handlebar is the OneUp Stem. Designed for...

DT Swiss

EX 511

Enduro may be young as a discipline, but at its core is the intrinsic...

Industry Nine

Hydra Classic Rear Hub Shimano MS Lime

The next level in hub technology - an incredible 690 points of engage...

OneUp Components

EDC Pump

The EDC Pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high...

OneUp Components

Dropper Post V2

The OneUp Dropper post is now available in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and...

DT Swiss

350 Rear Hub

Ratchet System 18 inside! Whoever is looking for the most affordable...

Industry Nine

1/1 Mountain Classic Hub Rear Shimano MS

If you're looking for Industry Nine performance but can't justify the...